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+61393681400, 0393681400

Heavy Duty Transport Equipment Pty Ltd | Altona North


+61411272527, 0411272527

Jackody Constructions | Narre Warren South


+61138020, 138020

Fast Cash Loans with Cash Station | West Perth


+61433881170, 0433881170

MP Computer Solutions | Granville


+61244216844, 0244216844

Greater Bank | Nowra


+61353401110, 0353401110

Beaufort & Skipton Health Service | Skipton


+61407973122, 0407973122

Mountain View Pet Retreat | Wamuran


+61353562400, 0353562400

Grampians Estate | Great Western


+61414853261, 0414853261

Watertours | Sydney


+61262959000, 0262959000

BENO Excavation | Narrabundah


+61468456387, 0468456387

Toowoomba Mobile Phone Repair | Harristown


+61398418459, 0398418459



+61410816362, 0410816362

Durable Floors | Smithfield


+61295581234, 0295581234

Bus & Truck Museum of NSW | Tempe


+61438438387, 0438438387

VIP Commercial Cleaning | Ellenbrook


+61268522921, 0268522921

Forbes TV | Forbes


+61891611496, 0891611496

Ngmowar Aerwah Community Centre | Wyndham


+61457819044, 0457819044

M&N Insulation | Greenacre


+61247748426, 0247748426

Lmb Transport Pty Ltd | Bringelly


+61738483774, 0738483774

Queensland Bookbinders Guild Inc | Tarragindi


Nowadays we can not imagine our lives without telephones. They are everywhere and it would be hard to find an adult without a mobile telephone. It gained such a success mainly because of the comfort it gives, you can easily access almost every part of the world with a few keystrokes. It is hard to imagine how life was before telephones when people used the letters to contact and communicate. Gladly, we live in times where technology makes our lives much easier.

Australia's first telephone line was launched in 1879. It connected the Melbourne and South Melbourne offices of Robinson Brothers. Nowadays Australia is divided into four areas. All telephone numbers have eight digits, where four digits are code and the next four digits are a number. While dialing a telephone number it is necessary to dial the "Trunk Access Code" of 0 plus the "Area" code and then the "Local" Number. Some of the main codes:

If you are calling from outside Australia, after dialing the appropriate International Access Code it is necessary to dial the Country Code for Australia +61, followed by the code from above.

Within Australia, mobile phone numbers also begin with 0 the "Trunk Access Code", next there is added 4 or 5 – the Mobile indicator and followed by eight digits. For international calls it is necessary to dial +61 4(or 5)xx xxx xxx. Furthermore, mobile numbers must always be dialed with all 10 digits, regardless of the caller's location. Local phone companies let people take their phone number with them when they change from one phone company to another, so codes are mixed and it is not easy to find out from which region you received a call.

All these rules do not apply to emergency calls. 000 is the primary emergency telephone number in Australia. Secondary emergency numbers are 106 and the international mobile emergency telephone number 112, which are the same in many countries. The increased popularity of the 112 emergency number in Australia has led to the people's confusion over which number to call in an emergency. The government clarified that 112 is not guaranteed to work from all technologies, especially from landlines, so it is better to dial 000. The exception is with mobile phones that are imported commercially into Australia. Those required to be programmed to treat 000 in the same fashion as 112.

Now phones are everywhere in Australia. The best place to find the public one is outside a post office, at a bar, or a food service station. Australia also has payphones, which are color-coded – red ones are just for local calls, and calls from it cost around $0.50 and are untimed. Other colors like green, gold, and blue phones can be used for international calls. To use it you have to have coins or a phonecard. Phones that require a credit card are